Don’t Sign Up For CenturyLink Internet! HERE’S WHY!

Shifting contract pricing, questionable business practices, and sporadic service outages. Think long and hard before going with CenturyLink as your ISP. KICKED CABLE TO THE CURB and using a HD Digital TV Antenna:

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Hcc Tendeep says:

Centurylinks internet speed is pretty decent, but their customer service is fucking terrible, our WiFi has been down for about a week now, its down and says I’m late on payment, I was thinking maybe I forgot or something so I call and pay THREE MONTHS in advance, and still nothing, and they refuse to have someone to come checkout, fix, or replace the box. And they will not deduct the days its been down if it ends up back up again. Oh, and their only “solution” is to tell you to unplug it than plug it back in, which does not fucking work.

city5productions says:

If you read the word Centurylink,get up run for 3000 miles,they might not can help it,or be retarded,but tun,put stilts on,Ive never complained about anything,but you can believe me,run,I’m not even talking about mbps,and I know a sale on service ends sometime,but I’m telling you ,find a rake handle and sit down on it,it will be less painful

Micheal McLaurin says:

You know I just realized that I have the same model as you, just got it like 4 months ago. Kind of sad that they pretty much haven’t upgraded their equipment at all and shows how greedy they truly are. I’ve figured out however if you unplug it and let it cool for a bit then it seems like as if it works well for a while. Seems like the equipment they provide is bad, doesn’t surprise me seeing as this video is 4 years old and I have the same modem, and is pretty much a contributing factor to third issues.

Spider-man the Hero says:

You have a bad modem

city5productions says:

Stay away from centrylink internet as far as you can,if you do get it,you will finally understand,I can’t be riled,but every time I contact them they go up 10 more dollars,and like the guy in the video says,they will keep raising bill,it will keep going up,I finally have to drop them,even tho little other options,also they will block access to your online centrylink account,so you can’t remove autopay,never use autopay with them by the way.I could go on for an hour,stay away from centrylink as far as you can

TurtleShack Gaming says:

BEST MODEM MUSIC EVER! whats that song called?

Clay Hewett says:

I have a story for you aug 01 installed service,aug 02 service died.. from aug 02 to 21 no phone /internet service. called tech service and colorado CEO John Story , fell on deaf ears. temp wire was cut by a county lawn mower laid ontop of the ground no buried.. second wire in the same location ….DEAF EARS FROM CENTURYLINK TO SERVICE THE CUSTOMER.

Bailey Williams says:

CenturyLinks commercial says the price will never change yet it does. When I had century Link and everyone was gone, all devices disconnected I tried to play a game on my PlayStation and it lagged like a mf. Recently switched to Xfinity and haven’t had a problem.

KuyaBill Romjue says:

I go through this same Struggle with ShituryLink…. They are HORRIBLE but I have no other option except for Overpriced COX.

Jessica Lee says:

centurylink is suck

Mary Bouchard says:

I totally relate my $49.98 Monthly internet and phone with fees cost me $132.18

Ace the Mase says:

And one time on Centry link we paid $396 for Century link they just talked about the contracts but that’s all they did and then they said they would fix and a few days later but they never did and that is why century link is not that great so I’m drilling look what they did was they said that they would fix it but they never did and they said that It would be over with by a few days but it took like a week they said it would be done in like two days but it was like a week but that was a long time ago it was like two years ago so we’re good now and on TV was fixed all it wasn’t fixed it was fixed along time ago finally fixed you know what it actually wasn’t even fixed in a week it was fixed like five weeks so century link sucks

Steven Logan says:

There are several variables that come into play. Your service never lost connection however it did lose authentication which is what allows you to actually surf the web. That means your modems bad, your port is bad, Or something is wrong with your account most likely. Centurylink is reliable depending on where you live and it’s them same for Any provider. You don’t know anything about how it works. It’s like buying a car and then saying every single car like it is garbage. Yes the customer service isn’t great. Get a number for a US center it helps. They have to mention a charge to send a technician out it’s federally regulated they don’t have a choice. The technicians are the ones who can actually help you if you have a very rare problem like this guy. The ppl you talk when you call in are stupid. Get a tech out to your house they’ll fix your problem.

Bond skyfall says:

Where’s the lawsuit? It’s time to nail their asses to the wall.

duke chance says:

We have suddenlink and it sucks. Century link isn’t any better. Comcast isn’t available here. I can watch the Texas rangers but not the astros. Figure that shit out

Karma Akabane says:

I have CenturyLink it is complete shit… I can’t do anything on nothing. Can’t play anything or can’t do my home school. Century link is garbage they should die but my mom won’t switch even tho she deals with this shitty internet

Color Mation says:

I’m using century link right now and it won’t even let me watch this video…

Lazerous 8981 says:

Just be glad that your service can at least provide a little bit, and not like mine, ITS FUCKING DOWN EVERY FUCKING DAY.

ChipyBeast says:

He hates CenturyLink but there sponsored by CenturyLink

lil ray says:

Centurylink is shity assssss fuck

Ace the Mase says:

Century link is stupid because today my mom paid 270 dollars for century link and they didn’t even fix are tv

Weed420 Howard says:

Yo u taking my sales away

TJ VIDS says:

I just got Century Link and they said they would be at my house on Thursday to set the WiFi and Tv up. So on Thursday I wait around all day for them to come by for them to never show up! And then I call them later that night and they say that it is going to take another week for them to come out! 🙂 GREAT!

AManWithAUsername says:

Netgear is so much better and I wish I still have it. I own century link because the bill for Netgear is expensive so they switch. I have to say that’s thr worst idea my family ever made

JediMaster Jones says:

I’m stuck with centrylink 8 meh down 8 k up im a youtuber pc gamer netflix broadcasting to youtube. I hate my dang speed I can’t switch cause only provider in my area

Eixl Fenrir says:

Phillip Isayev were paying 180 for less than 10Mbps, I keep telling my dad that its bullshit with what we have for ISP, he doesnt want to listen

Kal EL says:

CenturyLink is a Federal Government scheme..

MastaX says:

what they probably did was train your lines to a speed that it cant reach, which means your line attenuation will be sky high and the line db rate will also be very low, if you live far away from the DSLAM box the slower your speeds will be, Ive seen poorly trained ISP technicians train a customers line to 50Mbps when it was not feasible for that customer to get them speeds. and thus they are overpaying for a speed theyll never get and also because the line is trained to such a high speed it causes line outages because the pair is constantly trying to train itself to those speeds and trying to reconnect to the far end. This causes severe CRC correction errors and the more you have the worse noise you have on the line.

If anyone comes across my comment and has outages like this, Ask your ISP technician to train your line to a slower speed so you line attenuation is at an acceptable rate. Also go into your routers advanced settings and look at your line attenuation and DB rate yourself, Also another amazing resource is the DSLReports forums, look them up and sign up on that site and you can get one on one replies from professionals from both your own ISP and other trained professionals that can get your internet working great again!

Steve Steve says:

did they ever do anything to help you like replace the modem or send out a tech?

XFallen Leaf says:

I have the same problem and did my research. Now I am gonna switch….

H.E. Pennypacker says:

They did the same to me.
I signed up for $29.95/month.
Never got a bill for less then $80/month.
I finally refused to pay them and dumped them.

melissa meza says:

Centurylink is the best 😀

Josh Harvey says:

Centurylink is the slowest internet I’ve ever had, it is extremely slow and completly unacceptable for what they charge people.

Trevor Rosell says:

find a company that has no service problem. I tell you nobody’s perfect or else create your own ISP.

Pamela Murrell says:

Mines does that with Spectrum

Steve Steve says:

I deal with and install internet providers for a living and I no longer will sign anybody up with CenturyLink because the last 20 encounters I had with them there was either billing issues, or they just won’t run the line.

Richard Beckman says:

Centurylink is the only internet I can get in my area. I did use my iPhone 6s as a hotspot, but I can no longer get any speed from Verizon. I am not referring to their new 15g throttle down bullshit, I am saying I can no longer use my cell phone for internet. Why? I don’t know.

KLR on says:

They are the only service here right now… other then satellite. You are absolutely right about the lousy service and billing

Maxy says:

Them plus dsl = i hate my life

Hooni says:

I feel ya, my bill started at $34 with a year contract. Then, the bill slowly increased which is hardly noticeable, a year later it became $84. CenturyLink is a legal robber.

Boosted says:

I have problems almost identical to yours. And they always say “oh its fine well send someone out” Last week my internet was performing just fine. But a few days ago the highest download speed ive seen was 200kbps and it is still locked at that speed. I cant watch YouTube or Netflix, can’t play games, download things, or even simply scroll through instagram. Centurylink is nothing but scams and im locked in because I live with my parents and they wont change it up. The reason for this is because theyre gone most of the day and dont have to go through what i do. So if i make a suggestion to switch to say the 60mbps plan from spectrum for the same price we pay WITHOUT the scammery theyll load a video or something in 480p and call it fine. Not blaming my parents. Im blaming the worst ISP in existence.

T B says:

Yes they are horrible and the cost is through the roof. Service is horrible and customer service/tech support is over seas, really? I had to actually lose my $#!+ with a couple of the ppl. I wish they would get put out of business.

Voreo Sabrae says:

They don’t even appear to have the Loyalty Department anymore.

Plus we got bumped to the new Price for Life option, and our better bundle is gone. Speed downgrade is very likely too now.

Velma Velvet says:

They are the worst . I paid over 300 dollars for one day of service. It would be fraud if corporations had to obey laws the way regular people do.

JLogic says:

Yep, Vivint referred me to Centurylink. Both are bad.

Shell W says:

I am a newbie here and I had no idea what you were doing with the countdown and modem section. So, I stopped watching at that time.
I feel your pain Man. I just got a $30 hike from last month from CenturyLink with no explanation, just like what you mention. I thought I was supposed to have the rate “For Life” – Didn’t Happen! I am not a busy user like you, but still, they are charging me TWICE the current advertised rate to non-customers which is supposed to be “For Life” – I thought mine was to remain unchanged too…yeah right, look what happened in one year…I should have known that “For Life” seemed too good to be true! I wonder if anyone at CenturyLink (Customer Relations, etc.) pays attention to all of the videos like yours, and they take responsibility for this questionable charges. I only pay for internet access for one modem for one computer. And a low usage Internet user at that. I hope it you get some kind of a better rate, with them or with whatever you go to after leaving them! Best wishes.

iplaythru says:

its the only isp available in my area :/

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