DOCSIS Explained – Do You Need a New Modem?

Docsis is the technology that allows you to connect to the internet over cable wires from your ISP. Different versions of this standard allow for different speeds, so how do you know if your modem is good enough? I explain DOCSIS and what it means for your internet speed.
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December 2617 says:

thio jo sucks dicks n an is a scammer spammer a sack of dog shit enuff said

PGPlayz says:

aw i wanted to use my old modem but 8 years ago i had an arris tm602g but its docsis 2.0 from 2008 and i have 50mbps twc internet

Craig Reustle says:

Also, if you ducktape AA batteries all the way down your ethernet cables itll boost your speed depending on how many you use. It uses the electromagnetism to push the data faster. I hear that DOCSIS 3.1 uses really strong lithium batteries inside the modems.

Security Guru says:

I know that this is an old post, but does anyone have any idea how often they change the docsis. Thinking of buying a modem that I can use that a bit pricey, but if this stuff changes so much, I don’t know if I want to pay for it. I have to put my gateway from the cable company into bridge mode. The gateway I have is ok, actually does very well, but the features are limited, and does not offer VPN, and the firewall is not so good.

Jeffrey Larkin says:

i am as of right now renting but am still not getting what i pay for and i just recently got his from my provider (Xfinity) and i am not getting what i am suppose to does anyone have any ideas this might be happening

Robert Parish says:

Am I supposed to leave my cable modem on or shut off at night?

Chee Thao says:

So if i buy a… 16×4 modem, and my internet is only a measly 15mbps, will the modem then technically bump me up to 240? Or am I understanding this concept wrong?

Blake.TV says:

QAMs are either single 6 MHz slots dedicated to those DOCSIS channels you mentioned, or can contain anywhere from 3 HD to 10 SD cable channels. How many 6 MHz slots are available? Depends on your cableco….

bigpodgurc says:

i have modem that combines all data that is phone internet and tv and i use VDSL


i got a new router wanna replace the old with it.
How if i just unplug all cable from the old one and plug into the one, is that okay? Tq

The Bad Grades says:

Would it matter if we just got the standard modem from the cable company, and paired it with a high-end router like the Netgear Nighthawk? Or would I have to buy an after market Modem to keep up with the router?

Richard Díaz says:

Hey nice videos I was trying to get the new google wifi and arris modem do you think it’s going to be a good combination??

UN1TED90 420FL666 says:

I am literally in love with you Mr Joe

David Alexander says:

Thanks for this very informative video. I’m getting rid of the Comcast modem/router and buying my own and was wondering what DOCSIS was. I am now very well informed and thanks to you, I can now go out and buy a modem with confidence.

EessaDev says:

I have 10 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels.

Joe Jones says:

Hey it’s Superbad.

Grant Logan says:

It’s nice to live in a city where you have the choice between GPON and DOCSIS 3.1 🙂

legokerik_ says:

My WiFi box is right next to my pc, can’t I just connect it to the back?

Bunnie X says:

Fiber all around in my country! 1gbps is common, 10gbps is the new standard 🙂

Adnan Abu Ramadan says:

where i live i can get 1gigabit/second
too expensive tho..

Nick Contabile says:

sorry ThioJoeTech but you have no credit on youtube tech after all the b.s. videos you post that are so wrong and so fake. for example how to get xbox firmware on your xbox 360 or how to double your internet speed. You are full of shit and a giant troll.

Gorilla Jones says:

Where is the “install docsis 3.1 on your WiiU” video.

Karim Bondok says:

excellent explanation

Chris Baubo says:

Your running 2 and The ISP says to put in Docsis 3 and then you seem to be using a lot more Gb per month. Whats up?

efe mutluol says:

Uydunet From Turkey,Upto 100 Mgbits, Cheap as 23 dollars/mo

Paras Rajora says:

these speeds are for single user or for each user connected through same coaxial cable? if its for single user then how many maximum users can be connected through single coax cable. cable tv operator in my area offering 50mbps connection on docsis 3.0 so is docsis is better or fibre line (max offering in my area is 100mbps)?

TacoMeat FijiWater says:

4 Channels? More Like 4chan….. huehuehue

Ankit Shah says:

Much usefull video

carlos gomez says:

I can see you are moving your hans a lot while speaking lol

Nick Contabile says:

You do realize this guy hasn’t been truthful about anything in any of his videos to date. He’s the tech troll of YouTube.

EessaDev says:

I had DOCSIS 3 since 2013.

RonJohn63 says:

3:41 Routers, too. For example, the WRT54GL can only support a max of about 55Mbps even when using a wired connection.

SenorSwagBuns says:

I really wish ud die of cancer and stop showing up in my feed cunt.

D.DeFerrin Granberry says:

Hey ThioJoe, I do like the videos you upload in all of the ones I’ve viewed you have informed me enough to know what I’m dealing with. In this case though I need more info…where I’m located in Chicago the company( cable) here( COMCAST) is in competition with AT&T, and Direct TV for Internet and cable programing. The MODEM is a gateway actually, so that the company can take advantage of providing WiFi to its’ customers as they travel. They provide access to your programming while commuting on WiFi enabled devices, and these gateways provide wireless access points you can tap into much like a cell tower for a cellular user. Nevertheless, is this DOCSIS device come as a wireless gateway or can a modem actually be a wireless gateway?

sailsomewhere08 says:

You suck boy……just a big joke…….can’t take your word for anything………. Go get a job………stop sucking off the internet….

Eladio Perez says:

Thanks for your info. I have the Motorola SB6120, which is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I just upgraded from 25mbps to 75mbps. Comcast now tells me that my modem is obsolete. It doesn’t make sense, since this modem can download about 160. They’re asking me to purchase or lease another modem that will handle the 75mbps speed. What do you think?

Kyle Allen says:

You are why I have trust issues

Nassir Moxa says:

Wait. How come i get 100mbps down with a docsis 2.0 modem ?

Tedward ‏ says:

I am getting gigabit not through fiber, so this would be DOCSIS but I need to know if mine will work with it without having to upgrade, I have DOCSIS 3.0 modem

Andre Woods says:

sometimes idk if you are making a troll video or a legit video

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