DOCSIS 3.1 Technology Explained | NETGEAR Gigabit Cable Internet

Learn more about DOCSIS 3.1 and NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modems:

With the growing demand for faster and faster Internet speeds, cable operators needed a new way to offer blazing speeds without the need to replace millions of miles of existing wiring. With DOCSIS® 3.1 technology, this is finally possible.

Cable operators will be able to offer Gigabit Speeds that where once only available over fiber networks. In-fact, speeds with DOCSIS 3.1 standard could eventually reach up to 10,000Mbps (that’s 10Gps) which is over 10 times faster than the older version of DOCSIS. For decades, older cable networks have used multiple frequency bands to allow simultaneous transmission of several signals through the same coaxial cable. You can think of it like lanes on a highway where you have space between lanes to avoid interference or collisions.

Modulation techniques allow these signals to transmit data to and from the Internet to your home. Think of it like a small vehicle carrying bits of data back and forth. But now with DOCSIS 3.1 new modulation techniques allow for even more bits of data to be packed in each transmission. So more data reaches your home faster.

DOCSIS 3.1 improves the transmission methods so even more signals can be transmitted along the same cable. It’s just like packing more lanes on a highway without creating any interference. So by improving both the way signals are transmitted and dramatically increasing the amount of data that can be carried, DOCSIS 3.1 technology brings the blazing fast cable Internet speeds to your home.

You can enjoy the fastest Internet downloads, streaming, gaming, & surfing speeds possible to all of the devices in your home while using your cable company’s existing cable network infrastructure and wiring. Comcast has already started rolling out their gigabit XFINITY Internet service using DOCSIS 3.1. Other Cable operators like Cox also have big roll out plans in 2017. NETGEAR is leading the way with advanced new products like the CM1000 DOCSIS 3.1 compatible modem.

Ultra-fast download speeds, once a fantasy, are now a reality thanks to DOCSIS 3.1!

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23dlc says:

What kind of cable do they use

Jon B says:

what they dont tell you,is you need a new 3.1 capable modem,AND a 3.1 capable router….get ready to buy new sh–.OH AND the local cable company will have to update their nodes and l.e.’s to accomodate as well (pricey)

CrazyKiller5150 says:

I can’t wait til DOCSIS 3.1 becomes available here

TheBertjeT says:

This made my eyes hurt…..

TeaLobster says:

My video started buffering after he said “gigabit speeds.” Thanks, universe. :/

XxAGxX says:

What is the difference between DOCSIS AND EURODOCSIS because I have EURODOCSIS

Mark Funderburk says:

Not exactly an explanation…

Be Four says:

I’d care if Centurylink would upgrade their internet from 7mbps to 40 mbps in my area. FUCK YOu CENTURYLINK. FUCKING SCUMBAGS HAVE A MONOPOLY IN MY AREA SO I HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!

Jason Voorhees says:

dont forget about mediacom cable too they just rolled out there 1gig internet service too in just about 22 states so far and its super fast cause i have mediacom and they are jet speed fast

Matthew Wolf says:

Fiber is the way of the future and we have plenty of it. Just another way to keep cable companies operating on old outdated coax

Mike Wynne says:

Been over a year. Has this been implemented yet?

blastman8888 says:

Looks like they are offering this now instead of Fiber converter which had 1Gig up and 1Gig down with Cox in Phoenix.

Warren d says:

Docsis 3.0 already has speeds up to 1GBPS

Very good says:

This doesn’t explain fuck all.

Vietboy Gamer says:

i just signed up for extreme pro internet xfinity now i need a docsis 3.1 modem

Mike says:

Cable can be made of cheese for all I care. If they can make 1gbps+ speeds and low latency available for me for a practical price I’m on board. Comcast currently offers 2gbps in my area for 300 a month +equipment charges and a 500 installation fee. Pass for now.

Ernest Jay says:

Docsis 3.0 invented in 2006, Docsis 3.1 in 2014, and it 10x faster than current Docsis 3.0, why not just call it “DOCSIS 4” ?

natanyofsho says:

I got the cm1000 but how do I know if my modem is using 3.0 or 3.1? how do I put my modem into 3.1 mode?

Cable Smart Solutions, Inc says:

The MSO in this area my not integrate D3.1 for some time – which is unfortunate – and perhaps for good reason. It’s about the bottom line. It might be “too new(expensive)” right now

HUGSaLOT Valkyrie says:

wish i could get more than 100mb/s down and 5mb/s up if I’m already on a 1gb pipe… sheesh.

Reza Nursaid says:

tv cable in Indonesia only up to 50mbps. up to 1gbps must subscribe fiber ISP FTTH…

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