CIK Router and Modem Review (Plus Software)

As a relatively new ISP, I’m pretty sure everyone interested would like to see before they buy.


Zhang Victor says:

Anyone know how to port forward the Cik router? (BTW i got the same equipment from CIK as this guy had, and it’s 2015)

Insignia Cookies says:

how to i use a usb device (network attach storage) fairly simple on bell router. do i need to do firmware upgrade and where are iso’s?

ThatLinguaGirl says:

Hi! Thank you for the review. I am trying to attach my own router to CIK’s router to increase the signal like you did in the video. I was wondering if you did/can disable the CIK router’s WIFI signal to avoid signal mixups. And if so, did you do that through the router login?

Aaron Slippery says:

The router usb is used for NAS. usb 2.0 transfer speeds though lol

Jonathan Dai says:


Tony H says:

good job reviewing this piece of crap router cik has

ckjl says:

I think the modem page is
so or you’ve tried there is not correct

Simon Tonekham says:

How do you plug that router (the white box that you have shown) to your own wireless router?

At first, I realized that you plug the yellow networking cable to the LAN1 port of the CIK box and another networking cable on the WAN port on the CIK box to your wireless router?

It looked like a confusing setup to me.

So based on the video, I realized that you connected this way:
Cable Modem -> CIK Box -> Wireless Router

Usually this is the setup I prefer (although I don’t have VOIP service with CIK, but should work with other VOIP providers):

Cable/DSL modem -> Wireless Router -> CIK VOIP box (or any other VOIP device for example).

Some internet providers offer an internet modem and a router – in an all in one device, though the setup from above may differ in this other method.

Also, do you have to disable DHCP on the CIK box? That could present an issue known as “Double NAT-ing”.

Rated Gaming says:

whats the code idk how to get that

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