Channel Bonding in WiFi Explained | How To Achieve the Fastest Internet Speeds

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Channel bonding is a way of aggregating downstream and upstream channels to deliver faster broadband speeds, to and from your home. NETGEAR’s High Speed Cable Modems and Cable Gateways use DOCSIS 3.0 to deliver channel bonding. The more channels you have, the better! And now NETGEAR offers 24 x 8 channel bonding to access the highest speed tiers of your network provider. For more information on NETGEAR Cable Modems and Cable Gateways, visit:


Nit3H8wk says:

Just bought the netgear CM600 and R6250 wireless ac router. My xfinity gateway only supported up to 8 downstream channels and at times could be very buggy for example the wifi one time it stopped working multiple times in one day and wouldn’t take my password until i reset it. More recently i started seeing fail to write to nvram in the modem logs. Games at times would lag. Youtube video’s would take a while to preload both 720p and 1080p. Sometimes websites wouldn’t load at all. So this morning i hooked up the new modem first for activation with my account (blast internet) I am now getting 16×3 bonding channels in nashua nh. Everything is blazing fast. Youtube video’s preload at triple the speed of the arris junk. Every website loads instantly. Now I can return the xfinity/arris gateway and save $120 a year which is also what the modem cost me at best buy. The CM600 is truly a great cable modem for gaming or high quality video streaming such as the HD subscription to netflix. Depending on where you live you may get more or less bonding channels with comcast. If you don’t know just call tech support an find out. If you don’t have blast internet then you might want to consider the netgear CM500 or CM400 depending on your internet package but if your a heavy gamer like me and have blast internet you want the cm600 for sure.

Robert Gibbs says:

So. This explained Channel Bonding… over a modem? Because… that’s not how Channel Bonding over WIFI works. That’s not even how Channel Bonding from your router to your modem to-and-through the ISP works.

Follow Up says:

great modem, just bought one

Derek Moore says:

I pay for 100 mbps plan with Comcast xfinity, and I only get 24 mbps LAN and 12 mbps WiFi using an 8×4 downstream/upstream, 340 mbps, n300 router, 2×2 Tx/Rx @ 2.42GHz. Wtf

Siddika Vhora says:

is it worth to buy even if my speeds are 6 down and 1 up

Samuel Riveros says:

Amazing !!

Cole Jones says:

If I use a 24×8 vs a 16×4 cable modem on a FPS like Call of Duty on PS4, will my latency and speed be faster on which one? OR does it not matter because of my speed?

Ron Sam says:

Except your ISPs firmware may limit the number of channels. My Spectrum cable account has 24 x 4 channels available. On either free or 32×8 modem my typical speeds are 118×12 mbps. The free 16×4 channel bonding modem was NOT out performed by the 32×8 modem I bought. I’m thinking it’s a waste of money and that channel bonding above 16×4 may not be worthwhile.

Surya K says:

I never recommend netgear, when I contact customer care to look at issue, they are saying to buy new device. worst customer service..

Robert Buckland says:

Just installed my CM600 yesterday and can tell a big difference when I’m gaming, streaming, downloading and everything else in between at the same time. Thank God I have Charter Internet. No data caps baby!! Woooooo

kusha kizz says:

how do i channel bond i have a nighthawk ever since i bought it and hooked it up im not getting the performance every one tells me i would i never knew about the free 90 day service providing they had to connect to me for free and set up my moderm ,,,i never took advantage of that and now since i want some one to connect and fix problems there charging me is there a way i can do things myself!?

Eddie West says:

what are your thoughts on nighthawk ac1900 modem/router combo?

Chee Thao says:

So if i get a 8×4, and I’m internet is 15 mbps, my download speed will increase to 120 mbps?

Andrew Price says:

bought the Netgear cm600 yesterday. Tested it around 6PM and was getting 90 mbps down out of an advertised 105 mbps. Way better than what I was getting before.

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