Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Internet

0:15 is a JOKE fellas. I’m aware that millions of people still use DIAL-UP

And I’m sorry if I left out Cellular and Satellite. I know I said, “Your internet is one of these three…,” but what I really meant for this video was just to compare Cable, DSL and Fiber. I just used the wrong words.

Hey guys, in this video we go over 3 of the most common types of Broadband connection today: Cable vs DSL vs Fiber. Enjoy!

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Luke Snowden says:

I use dial up

mrgeorge says:

Electricity transmission through optic fiber?
No this isn’t possible!!

akmal hakim says:

EVEN THE FIBRE ISNT AS FAST. the fastest internet speed here is 500mbps

Garrick Animations says:

A-Symmetric* (That’s pronunciation)

Omar is a noob says:

I have fiber but at&t only allows a maximum of 30mb download for 120 dollars in my area and I have it. I get 8-12 mb download and 700 kb upload.


Yeah the NBN

mikemj medina says:

DSL is faster than cable

HaiLsKuNkY says:

Google fibre is not the only gig Internet in the world

TrannyTechUSA says:

i like cable because of the texture.

FifaPckOpen says:

I hate these tutorials about fiber it’s not how it works… no one gets results and please don’t waste my time with fiber promotions ok…. it’s not as expected.

100 Subs Whitout any video says:

I have full fiber in Romania

Freya Crescent says:

Watching this video on Bell Fibe (fibre optic). very fast I get 1GB download.

zombielvr225 says:


Tali1562 says:

perfect thanks man!!

KIAN says:

I have 1 gbits/s like if u have same (fiber)

EndOfDays says:

1000/1000 in 2017 is actually 650/300

Jesse Cox says:

Since you clearly stated: Your internet is one of these three, I had to correct you. Sorry 🙂 but I’ve used them all. You forgot: DUN (my dad still uses it from time to time), Satelite, cellular broadband, BoPL, wireless backhaul (yes, ISPs provide this in larger cities), ham radio, and a few others I could name but will just make the list really long. Anyways, great explanation. 🙂

this user has no name says:

Cable, 100Mbps download, 10Mbps upload, my upload isn’t amazing, but when looking down in this comment section it feels good 🙂 I also feel bad for those people with really slow internet.

lBlackMuffinl says:

Philip do you happen to have a email or can you answer this question is 6 megabytes dsl faster then 200 megabytes on cable lines

Adarsh Chandra says:

from end of this year jio company providing 100gb fiber optic data @ $7.5 in india

Mike R says:

outstanding job explaining the 3 basics. some of us are followers and some are leaders. you are a leader

AMRO _____ says:

here u can get 1 Gbs of fiber internet for 1 dollar

Wormster says:

where can you get that dog in the background?

aman gabra says:

nicely explained ….

Gerard Wandolowski says:

we have att fiber here

ramsom11 says:

i get 1mbps on dsl and nothing else is available

Yasin Omidi says:

I just swited to 100mbps fiber from 512kbps DSL

Christopher Nelson says:

just went from adsl 10/2 to fiber 100/100 HUUGE difference

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