Cable Modem Comparison

Can upgrading your cable modem make your internet faster? In this video, Carey changes an older cable modem (DOCSIS 2.0) for a new DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. During the process. upload and download speed tests are recorded along the way. Will it make any difference? Watch this video to find out!

SpeedTest web-site:

Old modem: Motorola Surfboard SB5101:

New modem: Cisco DPC3000:

Carey’s free podcast – Tech-Vets:

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manav bhalla says:

My download speed is 1mbps, yours is 30!

Ernest Jay says:

Watching this in 2017, still there is no “Docsis 50.7” yet -_-

AE86 of Mt. Akina says:

my 2002 scientific atlanta modem is awsome and im keeping it

GTI1dasOriginal says:

Mine: (wireless using a dongle): 8.06 Mbps Down, 1.24 Mbps Up.

Elmaz says:

i have the same Cisco modem

DarthCuda says:

We got a new modem today. Thanks to this video I knew to ask for a firmware update got me a 5mbps gain. THANK YOU, Carey its why I keep watching 🙂

Dino Hill says:

great video

rchandraonline says:

Yep, a couple of years later now, DOCSIS 3.1 is now being rolled out. 🙂  DOCSIS 3.0 is fairly well deployed now.

When I was a Verizon DSL customer, I had a Westell which was just a modem, no router.  My router had to do PPPoE.  My brother a few years later got similar service, and they gave him a Westell which had an integrated router.  So, YMMV, it just depends.

Your test results are going to be highly dependent on when you do it, namely how many other users are trying to access the system same as you.  With the 2.0, you’ll be contending for access on one channel, but with 3.0 you’ll be contending over multiple channels.  It’s like trying to get somewhere on a crowded two lane highway versus an 8 lane highway.

sifng says:

download 50.78
upload 4.18

Brooks Yeager says:

Yea great video thanks Carey!!!

NextGenesis88 says:

I have that same Motorola modem. I had the old white one for the longest time and when they saw it they switched it out for me right away. haha. BUT when I had DSL (3mbps) I only got like 1mbps or 1.5mbps on a good day. That was terrible. It was 0.5mbps upload I think too. Bleh.

Scontoni says:

I get about 15Mbps Down and 0.7MbpsUp ;(;(;( I’m sad

Stewy Stewart says:

Good Stuff

drummernoe says:

I use the Motorola MB7420 3.0 16 downstream and 4 upstream and my speed has tripled.

Nosk 007 says:

i found this one (ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem – Retail Packaging – White) it say’s its 8xfaster then a regular 3.0

normfromga says:

Thanks for the great, and timely, video;  Apparently a recent thunderstorm fried the AC adapter to my router, and took out the output jack on my “Surfboard.”

Fortunately my ISP, Cox Cable, has a rather loose “preferred” list of modems, so I will probably just be upgrading to a 3.0 Surfboard.

One thing about Cox, at least locally, is not only it does ups its users’ fee periodically, almost like clockwork, but it has been upping its speed as well.  So, while my bill for an intermediate level of service is creeping up to what a premium would have cost ten years ago, my speeds seems to have already surpassed it.

The bottom line is that even though I have not intentionally upgraded my service, I will probably see a significant improvement when I upgrade my equipment.

Garth Clark says:

Good video. Today, 4 years post this video, cable co’s are using “Channel Bonding” or multiple channels for their DOCSIS 3.1 networks. Cable modems are now available as a single router/gateway too so you only have to have one device plugged in to power and have the benefits of LAN via RJ45 and WiFi with the multiple channels for down and up speeds such as 32×8 or 24×8.

A friend had a 3 years old modem and was moving his service drop so cable tech was there and just happened to mention to the customer, this modem is older, get a newer one and your speeds should increase. He contacted me and we looked into it and got him a 24×8 Spectrum approved modem/router/gateway/WiFi. His speeds now peak at the provided line speed of 200 mbps or at maximum. Before, the old modem peaked around 80 mbps downstream.

So, it seems a modem upgrade is beneficial. DOCSIS 3.1 and channel bonding is what makes the system work best. The higher the channel numbers, the better.

Joseph Esteban says:


Jesse R says:

Different server locations can show different test results.

Mitch Alby says:

it sucks that motorola home is now Arris:(

thomas burns says:

well said love how you explained it and totally understand it

Richard Fry says:

I love the fact you aware that your video might be watched not today but sometime in the future… 

bob taste says:

Wish my isp charter didn’t discontinue the call in the mac address of any said modem. Now they only let you use thier issued modems, no clue why. They only said this is to ensure that our techs can provide the best service possible, my response was (‘What’)?

Tom Yang says:

oh btw, i’ve been looking for ways to speed up my wifi speed and have tweaked the RTS threshold a little like some sites suggested.  when running after the tweak, it didn’t show any difference in speed but the ping has lowered.  plus, when streaming videos such as youtube, the loading/buffering tends to queue up faster than prior to the RTS tweak. so that was pretty cool.

00bikeboy says:

Crystal clear, thorough explanation from someone who knows what they’re talking about AND has the good sense to use a lav mic.  All reviewer could learn something from you.  Thanks, great job. 

Ryan David Sheasby says:

you don’t know the meaning of sad! mine is 0.32 down and 0.37 up.

Tom Yang says:

hi Tech Vet, love ur video.  I recently got a cmd31t cable modem for my new Time Warner Cbl internet.  I paid for 50mbps plan and I do get that speed via ethernet connection from the modem directly.  however, i’ve stacked a 54g linksys router that’s abt 3 yrs old thinking it’ll do the job and it kinda sorta does.  however, the fastest speed i got was around 19mbps instead of 50mbps.  do you think a newer N router would help speed up the wireless speed? Thx Tech Vet!  Keep up the awesome videos!

Robert S. says:

DL: 101mbit
UL: 5mbit

Maybe I should also try a new modem.

L Galina says:

I guess it should be obivious to me why I can’t determine the docsis standard for my dsl-isp-provided (namely D-Link from modem. Docsis is a standard for cable modems, not dsl modems.

Jack B says:

I just bought a SB6141 Motorola 3.0 to avoid paying TW Cable rental fees. The Docsis 2.0 modem from TW worked perfect. I installed the Docsis 3.0 modem of my own and it resets itself every 20 minutes or so. Nobody has been able to fix the problem. I would love to have my Docsis 2.0 back!!

soul good says:

Thx for your help.
I’m running a zoom 343 modem/router

Puddy Tat says:

I am sorry to say but Cisco Modems suck butt and in fact most of Cisco’s consumer level hardware is trash!  Motorola is cable modem’s and performance wise is the top performer!!! 

mrMyers22 says:

This guy seems like the nicest dude ever. Holy crap bro, i wanna buy you a beer and talk about computers lol

kalef1234 says:

that’s like 3xs better than what I get now haha

Joe's says:

Great presentation and you are clearly understood, thank you. Subscribed.

Todd Thomp says:

i get 3.04 download and 0.39 mbpsup, now i am realy sad

Commander Cryo says:

I hated my old DSL modem…it was painfully slow and got only about 60 KB/s on a good day…

mike lee says:

very informative! you have got yourself a subscriber

Jonasz Przybycień says:

You say your speeds are slow? My download speed isnt even 10 Mbps.

Pete White says:

I have a Motorola 6580 cable modem but my wifi is alot slower than hardwired. .i pay for 105 but get 90 to 95 mbps but on wifi i only get 45 to 50 at the most. .please help .

Cary2060 says:

I love your dog

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