Cable Internet vs. DSL Internet

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Most of us don’t have home fiber connections yet, so cable and DSL remain popular options for getting online. How do they work, and is one better than the other?


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Magnus Eckholm says:

Ayy I have fiber internet

Farmer Jim says:

Canadians get really ripped off everything.

TheDarkserpent says:

everybody uses some type of copper wire in the end, never saw a pc with fiber cable conector for internet purposes, my cable til the modem is optic fiber anyway.

Johan Johnsträd says:

Here i’m complaining that I can’t get 1 Gbps speed and have to settle for 100 Mbps x)

CodenameHPE CodenameHPE says:

We live in a area that fiber is just a few yards away from our property. But we can’t get it… also our bandwidth for dls is usually 3 Mbps or less!

Gerardo Herrera Jr says:

I have wow cable pretty cool, 25mbps, can I get 300mbps upload and download??

Luis Ramirez says:

How come my cable internet can do 200mbps down?

Adam Abbas says:

So I have a 100Mbpsdownload and a 10Mbpsupload speed. Does that mean I have DSL or whatever the other thing is. Also I live in a city.

Máté Zsiros says:

Well I have a 10 Mbit internet for 9$. 🙂

Prof Pixel says:

Meanwhile in Britain we get no limit on usage, We have Virgin Media of which supports 200Mbps. And I can back that up. And most of the country has fibre optics installed underground.

JamesTubeHD says:

Hurry your ass up google

rohit choudhary says:

100 mbps for 15 bucks a month here in India (Mumbai)

Sm00th TV says:

so is that why i get less ping with cable than with dsl? is that also why the cable connection feels so unstable unlike dsl?

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwmuhwem Osas says:

In Australia im lucky to have “VDSL” as they call it which is still pretty shit 30/5

Nolan Flynn says:

I have one available ISP and cable only. Not like I can just go get DSL or Fiber. Yay competition!

Dhruv Sutaria says:

Quite good and informative videos

يوتيوب السعودية KSA YouTube says:

You said that if your DSL is near to the ISP so you will get faster internet, Do you mean the main section or any other branch of my ISP ?

Redhawk Gaming says:

Dude i have frontier i could belived that i hold upgraded dial up because iylts so bad

Hoetan says:

Meanwhile in Australia, politics are ruining the effort to bring fibre into our country -_- still stuck on 6mbps down and 0.6mbps up

Happy and single says:

When I had cable internet I get disconnected every 5 minutes and I have to reset the modem constantly. DSL is a little slow but getting disconnected is very rare. I can’t get fiber optics because the township I live in has a lot of corruption so I’m stuck with DSL.

unknown leo says:

0.40 mbps my house speed

13firebug13 says:

(In Australia) I used to be with Optus ADSL and it was crap! I done a speed test and we were getting around 8Mbps download and not even 1Mbps upload. We were starting to get really over it, so we switched to a cable service with iiNet and are loving it. I done a speed test just now a got 95Mbps download and 47Mbps upload, we sometimes get around 300Mbps download.

Randy Harrigan says:

I have a dry loop DSL connection and my ISP is 6 hours away but still get fairly decent speeds roughly 700-800kbps download.

parabolicpawn says:

Hard lined broadband internet is always better. Avoid Satellite internet at all cost.


For me is like a snail in my ISP is 4 kilometres away

CsBence98 says:

Physical location’s bottlenecks can still get you, no matter what ISP you use. If the server you’re trying to connect to is on the other side of the globe, your connection will slow down no matter what.

Fire Works says:

Tip for cable users. When you get new neighbors chat with them and later say that cable internet in your area os the worst and not as fast as they promise you, recommend then DSL and make sure you now the name of the local DSL provider so that you wont mess up, that way you can have most of the cable internet bandwith for yourself.

AlecDSilva says:

Don’t bash me but why is FIOS called Fiber? What the difference between fiber, dsl and regular internet?

Vikrinox says:

The best Download and upload speeds are 30 MBps

D Jaquith says:

USA Internet is bad, but Canadian is much worse. BTW thanks Canada for the data caps so rampant in your country they spilled over the border. Meanwhile places like South Korea have unlimited $19.95/mo 1 Gigabit 100% fiber.

LitoLuvSardine Campbell says:

LTE vs ADSL? for online gaming

Sternalplace2 alt says:


Corey Kearney says:

phone companies don’t like it when customers know what a dry loop is.

Cameron Galat Chitra-Straley says:

I have AT&T fiber

Nenad IC XC Shuput says:

Should be all wireless.

i am bad at gaming says:

100 % fiber is worst in the netherlands atleast in my city

ShadowCrowAlpha says:


Tony T says:

who is watching in 2017

Tarun Kumaar says:

First time the writers have run out of puns

T B says:

DSL= pure garbage

Angry Homer says:

There is something called FiOS. It’s been around since 2006.

Kick Start says:

Please someone tell me how to connect my ps4 to my phone cable outlet in my wall.

Master Plays says:

Ah yes Ethernet port my most favorite port =)

Joe Yummiestanimal says:

my internet is fiber optic but i still have my internet cut out. its worse then any internet i had before with mulitiple cut outs every day. and the speed changes from 1mb up to 85 mb on a 70 mb plan…

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