ASUS DSL-AC68U Modem Router Review

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67blade92 says:

does it support fiber?

time to deliver a pizza ball says:

great review except for the minions

PeterMac83 says:

Do you test it does it work with USB 3.0 HUB ? Why they do only one USB port :/

Richard Perryman-Smalley says:

can you actually plug more than 1 hard drive into the USB port if you use a powered hub amd powered caddys

Peter Z says:

Is this compatible with NBN (in Oz)? For the WAN connection it only has a RJ45 telephone ADSL socket, but no Ethernet WAN connection? Or do you use one of the yellow LAN connection for NBN?

SuperAutoVoltage says:

400 dollars!!! thats rough…

stovs says:

Hi Kevin…any chance of doing a setup guide for this modem rt

Jared Bothwell says:

Didn’t this come out in 2014? Does this mean it is now old technology?

DisastrousVids123 says:

i just bought one. i am happy with it. The setup was easy. It hasn’t dropped my internet connection yet. My internet speed is really great though i have around 4 wired connections and 5 on Wifi. two simultaneously streaming movies and I myself on online PCgaming World of Tanks. I certainly recommend the use of this networking device. a bit pricey but it’s in a medium to high in terms of performance.

Gavin Stokes says:

+Tech Showdown Have you heard of anyone connecting this to fibre successfully?

alb673 says:

HI, I have been given the same router from a friend. I tried to set it up, but even though it says it is Ethernet connected, I can’t access any pages. I have used the setting from my previous router, a Netgear, which is connecting fine.
Any idea what could be the problem?

Admartian says:

What are the settings for Bigpipe UFB?

ITNinjaGuy says:

Has anyone played with the VPN yet? I am looking at getting one for the PPTP VPN feature

Ireshine Shiney says:

updates are often, plus it can be modded

Mike Murray says:

hey bud will this modem help me with my bandwidth only get 465kbs atm with isp provided modem

Ice Kold Killa says:

Do I need a PC to set it up? I only have my phone, PS4 and a Chromebook

allegro1355 says:

Thanks Kevin for making this video. This almost answered all of question and I am about to make my mind to buy it. Just a few question ans appreciate if you could answer them. I am using Spark ADSL and its modem Huawei HG630b. Just wondering whether I can set up the device. And also What is the connection cable type between the wall socket and the modem? I am using the normal phone line connection.

Cedrick Moore says:

Please tell me, do you sleep with the teddy bear?

Centurion.F72 says:

Is this modem-router good for gaming ps4, NAT TYPE open ?

FlowerPowerNZ says:

Thanks for that. Does your VDSL connection support vectoring? If yes, how has this worked out? In the case of UFB – do you specify a switch port for the WAN?

SuperAutoVoltage says:

you think youll ever review a mionix castor? or are they hard to come by in nz.

Bash G says:

would you recommend this Asus over the Netgear nighthawk D7000? thank you

Atlas Flame says:

is this dsl modem compatible with century link

DrMacintosh says:

I think I considered this when looking to replace my 4th Generation Apple Time Capsule. After a power failure she would only turn on after being fully unplugged (wall and the back of the device) for an hour or sometimes 6. I went with the linksys AC1,200 though. Besides being blue it seems to be working quite nice.

Kayan US says:

Thanks! i will buy it soon .. I’m sure i’ll be happy

Tianna Benson says:

If I used this for my ps4 and nothing else but used it wireless instead of through the ethernet cable, will it still be a reliable connection for pvp?

Skindoggiedog says:

What’s with the American ‘R’s?

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