A little rant about my internet!


Timothy Tyger says:

This modem is sooooo shity!!!!!!!!!!! I have the same 1.

ThnxInfinite says:


DaMightyBenStein says:

I have an Arris modem and it won’t let me connect to Wifi. Just Ethernet.

Garrett Dangerfield says:

Who is your ISP? This modem might not be on your ISP’s “Approved Modems” list. You should upgrade to the SB6141.

l Luisacis l says:

someone plz help!! i have arris modem aswell but the online symbol keeps on disappearing and i get disconnected. some plz help!!

Jazneo Gaming says:

i never problem with my on charter

Kïñg86 00 says:

Take the mic out of ur mouth they are designed to be held away from ur mouth hate it when people shove the mic in the mouth distorts the sound & sounds like hell especially can mess up someone’s speakers like on a iPhone 7

PackardBelltoll says:

I got a arriss 1670a thats rated with 16channels can do 300mb rating . This modem has made internet speeds flawlessly I never have disconnect or lag . First modem I have had over tha last 20 yrs of modem this modem is the best for spectrum.This is a 1670a are cable modems highest spec for cable modems 16channels is max ratting modems can buy .

Eleuteria Bartolo says:

My módem looks like yours but does not work for gives wifi but when you connect to it or try to search something it does not work help please!!!!!

OP Kingz says:

still does this today, I still have mine I need to get rid of

SmokeyLauiee says:

Same goes for me ! I swear ! I can’t even be a YouTuber because of this freaking modem

Johnny Utah says:

arris tg1672 is a piece of krapp too.

Brendan Calina says:

I received this cable modem by charter spectrum with our setup and it does exactly what you mentioned in this video and yes, it is a piece of crap. There is now 100mbps internet (which we pay for around $70) and we still have this out dated modem for our internet. I mean it just sucks…


it actually depends mbps(megabits per second)

G Ross says:

This piece of shit modem wont stop blinking its orange light on DS

Mystic Tomato says:

Mine stopped working a couple days ago so Cogeco finally brought another one of the same model… Please don’t give Cogeco your money they’re fucked.

Razer Da2 says:

your a hot steamy load of shit

Patton Crew says:

Mine won’t stop flashing and it won’t let me even get on the internet. It says I’m connected but I can’t eve do anything

Dylan Jay godzilla says:

FUCKING YOU HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AirForceCyber says:

My Arris modem is the biggest fucking piece of trash on the planet. I hardcore lag on any game I play. Multiplayer is unplayable for me I lag so hard.

gt5228z says:

this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. first of all this is an mta , not a modem, but can operate as just a modem. that’s why its not under modems on Arris website. secondly, if you have a router, even if you are just using the switch, that’s way more likely to be your problem. if there is no router and just the modem then your problem is more likely signal. either you are getting too much, not enough, or the signal quality is bad. there can be interference caused from damaged/inadequit shielding on cable, or improperly terminated cables, system issues that lay beyond your residence, or many other problems that can be caused due to plant damage. over the last 30 years, ive been a tech, network engineer, and r&d coordinator. this is very high quality hardware since its introduction and has since become industry standard in the last few years.

Jexiel Aviles says:

Most likely your ISP, for me it’s been amazing.

S Gestetner says:

you have to press the reset button for a few seconds till the lights blink off then on again on the the modem and router and and unplug all the wires and replug them in every once in a while ps disconnect the battery backup in the modem and router if it is there ps you will lose all of the router settings when you do this and it will go back to the factory defalt settings,make sure you know your ssid and password beforehand .Setup the ssid(your network name) and password again and clear the ip address by typing start run then type cmd then press enter you will see a black dos window and type ipconfig/release then enter then type ipconfig/renew then enter but be warned once you press ipconfig/release it will kick you offline.A lot of times the router info is on the side or under the router if not you have to look online how to setup your modem/router. Sometimes it is by going to a website and typing for example then press enter depending on the router, and type the username=admin password=admin or password depending on the router some routers comes with a cd to set it up

Digital Coins says:

I change my modem today for cable company upgrade and my game just went from good to bad lag this arris wireless modem is CRAP

Kayle Hall says:

At least you can get on your console to connect to the internet, I have the Arris dg860 and mine wont even connect. I have tried to port forward my xbox one and every thing, Biggest waste of money ever

Chad Nonya says:

don’t waste your money on arris products they will take your money and run

Uh says:

I’ve been with this modem for multiple years, but my parents don’t understand that the modem is outdated.

NWS storm chaser says:

my hole cable connection uses this modom we are getting fiber oticve lines with brand new smaller modoms

Nick Gagner says:

I switched from a arris telephony modem to a docsis 3 surfboard and i love it

Adam Baker says:

My isp

tutorialesTACHABI says:

Its not the modem, its your internet provider lmao

Evan Miller says:

I can relate

matthew nichols says:

my arris modem never gave me problems. its fast as heck. i use the arris surfboard

Elmo says:

My arris is fine, It’s fast, reliable, blah blah blah. But for my phone, it shuts off constantly. I have to constantly turn it off and back on. It’s fine for anything else, which is weird.

wolf spirit says:

since then when I first got this are link light was always green and since 3 weeks ago are Wi-Fi died we also noticed the link light is off and so we called Comcast and they say the link light has nothing to do with are wi-fi cutting out also we just got a Linksys e1200

TrainGuy says:

Hey, I have the same modem and it has that DS thing blinking orange. What do I need to do? Is it a hardware problem?

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