Arris CM8200 VS Netgear CM1000 DOCSIS 3 1 Modem Comparison

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GoPro Hero 4 –
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Manuel Lopez says:

Hey you didn’t tighten the f-connector with that wrench right? Just hand tighten behind device

Ray Gucchi says:

NETGEAR CM1000 DOCSIS 3.1 Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem

kodi guy says:

Who sells cm8200a

natanyofsho says:

how do I if my cm1000 is in docsis 3.1 mode or 3.0 mode? how do I put it into 3.1 mode?

Tomas Quintana says:

Wowway gave me an 8200 which hardwired gives me 800+mbps but Wi-Fi is only around 120 mbps with both a nigjthawk as well as an onhub. Is that a modem problem?

Jorge Chino says:

Which one would I need to buy if I’m paying for 400/20MBPS but I’m a Legacy TWC Spectrum and Now of there’s Equipment can handle 400mbps like. They refused to give me a Docsis 3.1 Cuz for TWC Docsis 3.1 are for Ultra Customers and Gig customers but they’re just being dicks to me like they’re Modem not even a 24×8 channel bonding it’s a 24×4 which is just 16×4 channel bonding like Now I need to buy my own Docsis 3.1 modem and a gigabit router now I won’t have nothing to give me my Dad for Father’s Day Thanks a lot Spectrum.

Cameron Mueller says:

Try finding a usb wifi tester, its what us as Techs use to actually pull the 1gig, most are actually getting 1020-1050 per sec.. obviously depends on your wiring and neighborhood node scores.

Munky332 says:

Eh. thinking of ditching my current cable (business class comcast). currently on an old DOCSIS 3.0 model (cisco 3008). paying about 190$ for 100/20 down/up. was hoping to switch back to a “consumer” line for the better speeds, but if its just download speed, i dunno if i need it. current modem can only handle about 300/100 max, but what I really need & want is UPLOAD not download… I miss Fios in my old house, where 120/120 was the standard (though, pings were generally a tad bit higher). even still, I can jump on comcasts 400 mbps deal for half the price of my current setup… hmmm…

Tim Webb says:

Dude, eat the scrambled eggs while they’re warm. That shit looks delicious. Why did you start recording a video?

Shahid Ilyas says:

how about rather than recording the god damn speed test you just show us a spreadsheet with all the results’ average!!
it would have had made your video much more helpful.
dislike from me

December 2617 says:

replace the killer nic with a intel nic and u will get the 49up speed also dont ever use wireless if will make u a gay chump

Chris Cloud says:

Dude that is some serious ISP speeds you are getting what do you pay for 1gig speeds? It’s too expensive for me from Xfinity, but they do offer it in my area. I just bought the ARRIS CM8200 to replace my old ARRIS and never have an issue with them. Did you use all CAT7 cables?

Curtis Laketek says:

I need to do firmware update on my arris cm8200a. I have 1 gig service, only pulling 600 for down and 60 for up :(.

kevin glass says:

There is no difference in the 2 modems, they both have the same Broadcom 3390 chipset with the same clock speeds.

December 2617 says:

something in yr setup is borked cuz the normal upload on the gig speed is 49 up if u havent try updating to cat7 cables

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